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New in The 3D to 5D Activations Library: 2023 TIMELINE ACTIVATION

Dear friends, the energies of the new year are already streaming into our energetic spheres. This energetic movement always creates a transitional time window in which the energies of the old year merge with the new one. This energetic vortex containing both types of energies can act as a catalyzer for the future new individual and collective timelines.

You can envision this transitional zone as a wonderful realm in which new possibilities and timelines are being woven according to our inner personal realities. All the changes and lessons we went through and acquired during 2022 are dictating, consciously and/or unconsciously, our future directions.

This energetic transitional zone can last for a couple months, although it is different for each person’s unique path. Some people require more time than others for establishing a more solid timeline. It is for this reason that I was guided to create a new freely available light language transmission that will guide and assist each of you during this transitional period into the new year: the “2023 TIMELINE ACTIVATION”. This is my little Christmas gift to you all, and a token of appreciation for your support through this year.

As we approach and transition into the new year, our energy fields slowly begin to adjust to the new energetic vibrations. The year 2023 has the energy vibration of number 7 (2+0+2+3=7), which is considered to be the main spiritual and sacred number connected to wisdom and Universal knowledge. The number 7 is present in many aspects of creation in our physical world: our week is divided into 7 days, we have the 7 wonders of the world, the 7 colors of the rainbow, the main 7 chakras/energy centers in the human body, and so on.

I envision the year 2023 as the year of “creative enlightenment”, a year in which we will put into practice all the wisdom that has awakened within us since 2012. It is a year of expressing our inner Divine Light into the world in creative ways. It is a year for opening ourselves to the possibilities of new projects, new relationships, friendships, partnerships, and to new ways of being that are more aligned with our inner truth and soul’s path.

This new “2023 TIMELINE ACTIVATION” in the 3D to 5D Activations Library will jumpstart your creative process and merge it with your renewed spiritual awareness. These light codes will open up your consciousness to the new creative possibilities waiting for you in your 2023 timeline, and will connect your energy fields to the energies of the number 7 and its amazing spiritual gifts. 

You can listen to this activation daily from today until the middle of February 2023 to prepare yourself for the bigger energy shifts that will take place later on in the year. The portals on February 23 (2:23:23) and on March 23 (3:23:23) will bring a completely new energy type of energy that will push our timelines further into higher frequencies. 2023 will see a big separation of timelines between those who are staying on the course of their 3D to 5D evolutionary process, and those who are choosing to keep their vibrations resonating with 3D. Stay tuned for more information on these big portals as we approach those dates.

As always, a great amount of the content in the 3D to 5D Activations library is free of charge, and I am trying to keep it this way. That said, if you find that listening to the activations create beneficial and positive states within you, please consider contributing with a donation, no matter how big or small. Your ongoing support will help keep this library running during 2023 and will allow me to create more high-frequency content to reach out and assist more people like you on their Earthly journey. Please visit my donations page if you feel guided to support this work.

I hope you enjoy this new 2023 TIMELINE ACTIVATION, and feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below. I wish you a wonderful transition into 2023, and the co-creation of the best possible timeline that will allow you to evolve into your highest Divine and Human potential.

Much love, Diego.

WE ARE ONE ♡ Diego E. Berman 2022-2023 Ⓒ

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