If you are new to this activations library, please start your 3D to 5D journey using the activations on LEVEL I.

The activations on this LEVEL II contain higher frequencies for a deeper kind of energetic work compared to the activations of LEVEL I. Here, we delve into your emotional fields, and the emotional attachments, or blockages, that prevent you from moving forward in your 3D to 5D journey. We work on identifying and releasing the barriers that are separating you from Love.

Start listening to one or two activations at a time, and then add, or switch, to another one after you have worked with the previous activations for a minimum of three days.

Once you have worked for a minimum of five days on all LEVEL II activations, feel free to move to LEVEL III: GALACTIC ACTIVATIONS.

The use of this LEVEL II of the 3D to 5D Activations library is free of charge, and I will try to keep it this way. That said, if you find that listening to the activations create beneficial and positive states within you, please consider contributing with a suggested donation of $25 for Level II. All contributions, no matter how big or small, will help keep this library running and allow to me create more high-frequency content to reach out and assist more people like you in their Earthly journey. Blessings! Diego.

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Enjoy the transmissions and I wish you a wonderful 3D to 5D journey. Blessings! Diego.

WE ARE ONE ♡ Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ

General instructions:

  1. Listen to the activations in a comfortable place, free of interruptions, with your eyes closed. The use of headphones is recommended.
  2. Do not listen while engaged in other activities that require your full attention.
  3. Keep a journal next to you in case you need to write down any insights that may come into your awareness after using the activations.
  4. Listen to your body, some activations may trigger deep changes within your systems, so use accordingly and as instructed in each activation panel.
  5. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the activations, try to quiet your mind, and simply absorb the light codes. Follow the listening instructions for each activation as stated.


The first step towards integrating all of your emotional aspects is to move into a state of complete Self love, accepting yourself fully in the present moment. This activation will generate a state of compassion, acceptance, and induce a willingness to go deeper into your emotional fields to start the releasing process of inner, and outer, emotional conflicts.

Listening frequency: Three times in a row, once a day, for a minimum of 3 days. This activation is specially useful for those days in which you need to remember the loving Light that resides within you. Drink some water after listening to the activation.


This second activation aims at reconnecting our heart energy field with the mind energy field. Many times, different emotions and conflicts are kept compartmentalized with our bodies and waiting for the right time to be addressed. We create a disconnection between our emotions and our thoughts as a way to keep going. This transmission will begin the process of integrating those hidden and disconnected emotional patterns so you can, little by little, start to find emotional coherence within your whole Self.

Listening frequency: Once a day, for three consecutive days. If the activation elicits strong emotional responses, simply take it slower, and listen once a week. Drink some water after listening to the activation.


One key aspect for finding emotional balance is to be at peace with the past. This is a complex process that involves a willingness to move forward and evolve, being able to forgive those painful moments, and acknowledging the role the past has had in shaping who we are today. This activation will help you to release the emotional attachments within your emotional fields that identify you with the past. We are not making the past disappear, we are simply cutting the emotional cords that are anchoring us and preventing us from further inner growth.

Listening frequency: Once or twice a day, for three days. Please listen to your intuition as you listen, this activation may elicit emotional releases. Drink some water after listening to the activation.


Fears are defensive mechanisms that our body uses to keep us away from harm. However, most of these fears are unconscious, products of past life times suffering plus our current lifetime. This activation will work directly on the energetic fields that created these fears within our brain circuits. We will begin untangling the energetic neuronal pathways that keep sustaining our fears and preventing us from evolving into our full human potentials. Please keep a journal, as always, next to you to write down any insights during this transmission. If no insights arrive, do not worry, the activation is still working.

Listening frequency: Once or twice a day, for a minimum of three days. You can also listen to this activation if there is a particular fear you would like to address. Simply hold the intention before listening. Drink some water after listening to the activation.


Once we begin integrating all the emotional aspects of our Self, past, present, and future, our life begins to enter into a state of fluidity. We begin to flow through our Earthly journey with a renewed sense of confidence in our inner truths, by loving ourselves for who we truly are. In this state of flow, we accept every present moment as a gift. This activation will assist you to renew your intention to flow with the river of life, and to elicit feelings of joy and bliss that will allow you to move forward into new amazing destinations.

Listening frequency: As much as needed! for a minimum of three days. Drink some water after listening to the activation.

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WE ARE ONE ♡ Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ

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