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How To Find Your Wonderful Divine Passion

Many years ago, when I decided to pursue a scientific career in Biology and Neuroscience, I was 100% certain that my life would have a very clear and structured path. At that time, I thought I had found my ‘true passion’ and that my life purpose had been achieved. It was supposed to be smooth sailing from then on. But the Divine had a different plan for me…


Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start… well, let’s start a little later actually…

Your Soul is an embodied sparkle of Divine Light. This Divine Light within you is here on Earth to fulfill its Divine Purpose(s), or Passion(s). The most fundamental Purpose within the big spectrum of your Soul’s tasks is to create a joyful Earthly life experience.

But sometimes, as you probably already know, this is not a straight path.

Along the way, your Soul will find a few ‘obstacles’ and ‘tests’ generated simply by living life on this physical plane/t. These earthly ‘bumps in the road’ will prevent your Soul from fully expressing its Divine magnificence since day one (that is, your birth). But worry not, this is an integral part of your current earthly Soul’s journey.

Our human ego and personality, molded by our experiences since childhood, will try to take us in one direction while our Divine Heart and Soul might want to move in another direction in order to fulfill its Purpose(s). This back-and-forth process becomes a sort of ‘dance through life’: your ego personality takes one step and then your Soul takes another. As time goes by and we get to know ourselves deeply, we learn to listen to our true Heart and Soul feelings.

It is by going through this process of inner personal growth that we allow our Divinity to finally connect with our lower mind. And at that moment something wonderful happens: your Divine Passion comes to life. This process of merging your Divine Light together with your human personality creates a ‘magical alchemy’, and the person you thought you were is now transmuted into a new Earthly Being of Light.

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At this point, your Life Purpose takes a complete new meaning, something that could be totally different from what you thought it originally was. For many years, my human ego was attached to my scientific career but along the way the Divine took me through several detours and turns until I finally got in touch with my Divine Connection.

I am not implying that the years I invested in my scientific education were wasted years. They were actually a key chapter in my life that would eventually take me to reconnect with the Divine. In the same way, all the events in your life have been leading you towards a similar goal: to discover your connection with the Divine, to become an Earthly Being of Light.

As embodied Divine Souls on Earth we are constantly evolving multidimensionally. We keep changing, learning, and understanding more about who we are at many levels. Our Divine Passion shifts as we shift together with the Divine.

I have recently left my academic life and I am now following my Heart and Soul as much as I possibly can. I am allowing the Divine to guide me, to show me the way to my Divine Passion(s). For now, this Passion involves co-creating a joyful life in partnership with the Divine as well as sharing Divinely inspired words of wisdom to assist others in their Divine Journey and Ascension process.

Where will this new path take me? It’s not clear yet, at least not to me. But one thing is clear: As you live your life centered in your Divine Connection, your Soul will encounter less resistance from your ego, and the Divine will be able to guide you to a life of Joy, Abundance, and Purpose.

The answer then to ‘How to Find Your Wonderful Divine Passion’ will be found as you establish and develop a more fluid and joyful relationship with the Divine. Your amazing Divine Passion is already within you, all you have to do is re-Connect and follow your Joy. All in Divine Timing.

Much Love,


There’s no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the one between you, in your physical body, and the Divinity from which you came from. You can strengthen your Divine Connection by working with my book ‘My Divine Connection: Fifty Steps to Your Divine Fulfillment on Earth’.

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  1. Gracias por tan hermosa explicación. Me encantaría saber cuál es mi misión para así poder realizarme como Alma, amo mi luz y la comparto todo el tiempo con todos los seres con los que me encuentro a diario. (O al menos eso intento) Dios y el universo lo sabe, mi vida fue algo difícil, me caí tantas veces, me sacudió la vida de mil maneras…gracias a esa enorme fortaleza que me caracteriza….hoy logro sentirme en paz más allá de diferentes obstáculos de la vida cotidiana. Mi PALABRA FAVORITA…AMOR.

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