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How to Harness Your Divine Powerful Intuition

What is intuition? Is it some ‘magical’ extrasensory power? Is it about predicting future events? ‘My intuition tells me…’ is a widely used phrase, but what exactly is this elusive yet ‘mysterious’ sense? And how can you benefit from it? Let’s look at some of these answers from a deeper energetic and spiritual perspective…


According to Wikipedia, intuition is ‘the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired.’ 

Although this definition of intuition seems accurate, it does not quite explain how we get to acquire this intuitive knowledge.

Part of our intuitive knowledge comes from signals received by our body through the five physical senses. These signals are then quickly processed by our nervous system and then we become aware of their content.

But sometimes the information we acquire through intuition goes beyond the signals we can receive from physical reality. We seem to be able to acquire information from places far far away… And here’s where the spiritual and energetic perspectives come into play.

Everything you see around you is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Solid physical matter, like rocks, trees, your body, etc, is ‘condensed’ energy vibrating at low frequencies.

On the other hand, non-physical energies like your thoughts, feelings, dreams, Angels, and other Beings of Light, are made of energy vibrating at higher frequencies, and therefore not visible to our five physical human senses.

I’m making this distinction between the physical and non-physical worlds merely for educational purposes. In truth, everything is Divine Energy and everything is interconnected, like two sides of a coin.

These two seemingly different worlds, or dimensions, are communicating with each other all the time. Your body is constantly receiving signals from the non-physical realms! These ‘invisible radio signals’ can come from many different places: from your Angels, from your Divine guides, from the energy in the place where you work, from the energy of people around you, from a movie you are watching, etc. We are continuously interacting with the unseen world, even if you are not aware of this.

All these signals and messages that your body receives from the non-physical dimensions are processed by your ‘intuitive system’. This energetic ‘intuitive system’, or intuition, is present in every single person, and we are all able to tap into it. Intuition allows you to access knowledge that is not easily or readily accessible by other means, making intuition a powerful way of instant communication.

Most people use their intuition unknowingly without realizing the complexity of the process, while others are aware that their bodies are receiving signals and messages from the non-physical planes.

Intuition can be trained and develop, much like going to the gym to train your muscles. Some people require more time and effort to attune their intuition, others are naturally-born ‘intuitives’. But the important point is that intuition is an amazing built-in system that you can use to receive important information that can literally change your life.

I used to say I was an ‘intuitive’ before I learned about Angels, Beings of Lights, Ascended Masters, and energy healing. I did not understand at that time the complexity of the non-physical dimensions! so I simply used the word ‘intuitive’ in a broad way.

As I began working with the Angels and my Divine Connection developed, I started to better understand my own intuitive feelings. My intuition has become a true ‘sixth sense’ in the same way that I use my other five physical senses. This has helped me to make important life decisions even when I did not have ‘real’ proof of the information I was being given, for example by the Angels. I can also now sense more clearly other people’s energies even if I’ve met them for only a minute.


Your intuition is a powerful ally, like a loyal companion that is always there when you need some extra piece of advice or information. Intuition can keep you safe from dangerous situations, lead you to the right health practitioners, give you advice on dietary changes, and insights on relationships, among many other things. Intuition is a real-life practical sense, and it is an integral part of who you are.

Once you understand that intuition is a real multidimensional Divine aspect of yourself you can begin to tap into it naturally and effortlessly. It will be able to guide you towards a more joyful and purposeful life. Even if you can’t yet fully grasp the extent of this powerful sense, please know that it is there for you and that your life can greatly benefit from it!

As I mentioned before, training and developing your communication with non-physical planes and Beings of Light, such as the Angels, is one of the ways to improve your intuitive abilities. The more you use your intuition, the more effective and attuned it will become. Just like a musical instrument.

As a fun exercise, try to pay attention in the next couple of days to any feelings, messages, or signs/events that come into your awareness ‘unknowingly’, ‘out of the blue’. These signs could be repetitive numbers you see around you, lyrics of a song that suddenly catch your attention, ‘gut feelings’ elicited by an event, and other different types of ‘coincidences’. Once you identify them, stop for a minute, go within yourself, and try to identify their meaning. Ask yourself: why am I receiving this message? where is it coming from? is this sign a confirmation of my feelings or is it showing me a new alternative option?

This exercise will help you to fine tune your own ‘intuitive system’ and to understand better how you interact with the amazing worlds of non-physical dimensions. Also, please feel free to listen to the “Awakening Intuition” light language activation in Level I of the 3D to 5D Activations Library. This code of light transmission is meant to expand, strengthen, and sharpen your natural intuitive skills. 

The next time you use the phrase ‘My intuition tells me…’ you will now have a new and more comprehensive understanding of what this truly means.

Please feel free to share in the comments below your intuitive experiences!

Much love,


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5 thoughts on “How to Harness Your Divine Powerful Intuition”

  1. My challenge is to be able to differ fear that comes from ego from intuition that comes from soul…

    1. Hi Sha, it’s a learning process indeed! And it requires you to understand yourself and your fears quite well. With practice you will learn to discern them both. Blessings.

      1. Very true! I’m in the same boat. Patience and awareness are essential. Not as easy if you are with people who don’t tend to understand the process. Hope springs eternal, I hope!!!

      2. Bonjour Diego quand je prononce le langage de la lumière je me centre sur le cœur mais je ne comprends pas ce que je dis mais tout part du cœur j’en conçois que c’est la vérité du langage qui sort sans le comprendre à mon niveau mais de l’univers cela veut dire quand je fais une demande particulière avec le langage de lumière par le cœur je suis obligé de mentaliser pour avoir ma demande de ce que j’ai besoin est-ce exact ? Et que c’est comme cela que ça fonctionne en se centant toujours sur le cœur pour le langage LUMIÈRE pour avoir mes demandes nécessaires

      3. Dear Alain, thank you for sharing your experience with Light Language! I’m so happy to know that the activations are being helpful and your own light language is being awakened! Yes, at first it is normal to not understand the meaning of the words you speak. But like you said, when it comes from the heart, trust that the right vibrations will come into the words you speak. Keep practicing with the right intention and in time you will be able to feel the meaning behind the words. Much love! 💖

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