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Navigating the 3D to 5D Metamorphosis with Light Language

As I am typing this on October 31 2022, planet Earth and its inhabitants are being showered by an immense amount of light codes originating from a recent partial solar eclipse and an upcoming total lunar eclipse. Basically, we are all finding ourselves in the middle of an energetic “eclipse corridor”, or passageway.

These two-week long eclipse passageways take place every time we experience these “back to back” solar and lunar eclipses. This eclipse passageway, which happens once or twice a year, is a potent opportunity for growth and evolution at the individual and collective levels. In this article, you will find a deeper explanation of this energetic process, and three Light Language activations you can use to optimize and ease your 3D-5D journey.

The main objective of this intense combination of “past” and “future” eclipse information we are receiving these days is to trigger jumps in our personal and collective evolution. We are moving away from inflexible, outdated, limiting 3D structures and little by little giving birth to more fluid, lighter, and compassionate 5D ways of being. This is the reason why parts of your lives seem to be dissolving and moving away from your timeline. You are moving into lighter new ways of being that are no longer able to hold the low frequencies of stagnant and outdated patterns.

The transformative energies of this eclipse passageway come from very high non-physical vibrational planes. As these lightcodes reach our atmosphere they become scattered around the planet and affect every single living organism. The information contained within these codes aims at releasing stagnant energies within us and eventually assist us with the process of moving beyond our limiting comfort zones.

The physical and emotional symptoms you may be experiencing these days are related to this 3D to 5D shift taking place within you. There are other energies at play as well, solar wind related geomagnetic storms for example, but today we are focusing on the eclipse lightcodes.

The lightcodes showering our planet at this point in time can create feelings of uncertainty and confusion. We are in between eclipses and the information our bodies are receiving might feel somewhat contradictory: one day we may feel very optimistic and ready for a big change, and the following day we have no idea where we are standing. Our nervous system and ego personality feels “in between dimensions”. In times of intense energetic shifts such as this, the best thing we can do is to slow down, breath deeply, ground ourselves, and simply wait for our physical and mental bodies to integrate the new information. As we do this, the physical symptoms associated with this type of lightcodes may include: dizziness, lack of balance, vivid dreams, sleepiness, disorientation, mild anxiety, and a need to spend more time by yourself in your own energetic cocoon. Various types of sensitives may also flare up, such as sensitivity to loud noises, bright lights, heavy food, and last but not least, emotional sensitivities.

In our fast, loud, and reactive 3D world our personality ego is constantly expecting instantaneous results over and over again. The 3D matrix we are leaving behind is all about reaction and automatic action. But we are currently transitioning into 5D, a very different energetic template mostly based on leading from the heart and not so much from the intellect, being rather than reacting. As you walk this process from 3D to 5D, please be very patient and kind to yourself! It takes time for the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly.

These 5D energy waves are calling you to energetically scan your life for things that may no longer be a vibrational match for who you are and how you have grown. The energies are asking you slowly dismantle the systems and ways of being that once served you, and others, but no longer do. Sometimes this means letting go of stagnant situations and relationships, or simply making a change in dietary habits.

You’re being called to trust yourself and to trust the metamorphosis process, to notice what is out of alignment, and then to take the baby steps required to bring your timeline back into harmony. This is no easy feat, but it is so worthwhile. Both individually and for the planet.

As I am walking this 3D to 5D journey, I’ve found that Light language can be a wonderful tool to assist the energy fields of our bodies to accommodate and integrate the new incoming eclipse doorway light codes. I have written a detailed blog on Light Language previously (see here) if you would like to read a bit of background information on this topic.

I have prepared for you three different Light language transmissions that will assist you in three different ways:

  1. This first transmission will relax tension within your energy fields so that the incoming light codes will find less resistance and therefore smooth the absorption process by your body.
  2. The second transmission will facilitate the removal of old stagnant energy patterns within your systems, so that your body can adapt easier to the vibrational transition.
  3. And the third transmission will act as a facilitator of the integration and expression process of the new information within your body and mind fields.

Please listen to the complete set of three transmissions in that specific order, 3 to 5 times a day. If you are new to Light Language start by listening the set only once a day. Find a comfortable place, relax, close your eyes, and simply allow yourself to be immersed in the transmissions. Drink a glass of water before listening and another glass afterwards to facilitate the flow of information. Pay attention to any feelings, images, or insights, that may come into your awareness as you go through the process. You are welcome to share your experience in the comments section below.

Transmission #1: Relaxation

Tranmission #2: Clearing

Transmission #3: Integration

These transmissions can be used not only for the duration of the “eclipse corridor” window we are currently navigating, but for every energetically intense period/portal in which new light codes are being received (e.g. solar storms, 11:11 portal, eclipses, and/or other unexpected energy situations that require extra assistance for a 3D to 5D forward movement).

Please remember the 3D to 5D metamorphosis process is unique to each individual body and soul. And even though we all inhabit physical bodies, the challenges and blockages we each need to work on and release will depend on many past and present factors. But as each of us works individually on this 3D-5D ascension process, we all contribute to the 3D-5D metamorphosis of planet Earth. After all, we are all One, we are all different facets of one Divine Heart.

If you find these transmissions useful and feel guided to buy me a cup of tea, please visit my donations page at I would truly appreciate it, thank you!

You can find more Light Language transmissions on my 3D TO 5D ACTIVATIONS LIBRARY. The new LEVEL IV: AWAKENING YOUR LIGHT LANGUAGE in the Library was created for those of you who are feeling guided to explore further the wonders of Light Language. The background information and the activations you will find in this Level will guide you, step by step, into the process of awakening your ability to speak Light Language. You will go on a journey of inner self-discovery and self-expression. As we have seen, speaking Light Language involves several energetic systems within our multidimensional being, but even if this sounds too complex, this skill can be naturally awakened: your soul holds all the memories you need for re-igniting this amazing potential. This Level IV will be your Masterclass to Light Language.

Much love, and have a joyful, smooth, and enriching 3D-5D journey.

Blessings, Diego.

WE ARE ONE ♡ Diego E. Berman 2022 Ⓒ

25 thoughts on “Navigating the 3D to 5D Metamorphosis with Light Language”

      1. Wow… so as soon as I hit play on the first one…. the language you spoke triggered my star.. or light language and I couldn’t just listen… it’s like we were communicating and having in conversation in the ancient language…. I definitely would love to do more work with you… for it resonates and I’ll love to dive deeper…. Thank you for sharing tourself..yourself… I’m so happy we arr part of the same community… Ase.. Aho

    1. I’ve felt confused lately and lost connection, but as soon as I did your light language tapes, I received their connection again. I know I’m guided, just have so much to let go of now. Thank you.

  1. What a gift this is! Thank you so much! Even listening to this for the first time, I feel lighter and calmer. Sending you light, love, peace, joy and abundance always. I love you.

  2. I woke at 3 a.m.,feeling an intense pressure inside my skull, as if my brain was being tugged in two different directions. I saw the link on FB and went to it and listened to the three passages and I feel much better, less anxious and more relaxed. Thank you so much. How I found you, it and of itself, is a blessing. I will read your books. Susan

  3. Everything you share has always been of interest to me. When I was very very young I had what everyone always said to me was just a dream . I was six years old and my Beautiful Guardian Angel came to me. There was a definite message and I told my Mom and she said it was just a dream. Well I knew that that was real I was told if I talked about that people would think I was crazy, well my story never changed. Things happened in my life but I always talked to her I made many bad choices all of which I’m great full for. I went through holistic healing and then my life really changed 11 years and I forgot to say my Angel Lilly came to me again for years I tried to figure out this message, then when I finally forgave the one’s that tried to tear me down it was like I actually felt everything lift from me. That night I was shown my talent that I never thought I could ever do. I was told twice not to throw a log into a fire I was sitting by, and guided to start carving on it. I couldn’t quit the next day I went out and bought everything I seen for carving mind you , I had no idea what to buy but I was guided through all of it. I came back and I worked for a long time on this log and as I did I talked to my Angel she guided me through. I carved a Beautiful Wooden Angel wing. I was so amazed that I kept making more things and now I can make a lot of beautiful things. But for awhile I have been having so many emotions I have always asked to grow more and use my gifts more. I wanted to share this story because all my life I wanted to tell everyone this I would and people have a hard time believing all that. But I don’t hide who I am or what I know and I really don’t care what people think of me. I have been going through a lot of emotions lately and now it does all make sense. Thank you Diego Berman for all of your insight. You have really been helping me with all these strange emotions I have been going through. For that I am more than thankful. Blessings love and light to you always you are amazing.

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts that is helping humanity!!! I feel lighter and more interested already! Bless you for all you do!

  5. Many blessings to you Diego. I’m so very happy to have found you. Listening to the audios is amazing. I feel so peaceful and full of love. I’m enjoying my 5D journey. So much self discovery is happening. You are a gift. I am going to find my light language because of you.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. The light codes are very peaceful. How long if we are new to listening to them, can we go from listening only once per day to 3-5 times per day. A week, longer? Thank you, dear brother. Much love.

      1. I’ve been listening once per day for about 5 days. Can I now increase to 3-5 times daily or is it too soon?

  7. thankyou so much! The third one was very intense, it felt like my body reached maximum capacity to hold light at this time, I felt the codes for sure then after i fell straight to sleep. Maybe my human body needed to rest after that upgrade.

  8. Hi 👋 Diego,
    I’d like to give you an update on my last message.
    From Thursday afternoon my heart palpitations began to calm, by Friday lunch time all was quiet again. Truth be told I knew I wasn’t having some kind heart health problem. I didn’t have the courage to truly believe myself. I appreciate your reply, thank you. Messages are coming through thick and fast. You’re Light Language transmissions are a support on my journey. I’m very greatful and looking forward to future messages.
    Ann 💥🗯💟🙏

  9. The 2nd audio I felt was directed to my throat chakra. That can really use activation. The 3rd audio made my eyes fill with tears that didn’t fall. Thank You.

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