The Creative and Transformative Power of Sound and Light Language

“In the beginning was the Word… “. These are among the most famous words in the New Testament, the opening of the gospel of John. This phrase has been interpreted through history by many different cultures in many different ways. This English version was translated from the text in Greek, in which the word for “the Word” is “logos“. The concept of Logos in Greek is vast and profound, but in essence, it means word, idea, a concept, an intention, and a reasoned divine ordering of all things.

Sound and the spoken word have always had a pivotal role in the early history of humanity and in all the different civilizations that currently populate our planet. Sound has always been considered to be at the core of Creation.

Letter “aleph”

In Aztec mythology, the god Quetzalcoatl is said to have used a conch shell to emit an immense wave of sound that created the physical world. The Egyptian civilization had a similar concept, the early gods had spoken the world into existence. The sound of the first letter “aleph” in the Phoenician, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic alphabets represents “the beginning”, the “oneness of God”, the union of “Heaven and Earth”, according to old mystic schools. Ancient civilizations conceived sound as having a fundamental role in creating the basis of our physical world.

Many traditions around the world have used sound, music, and chanting in their prayers as a tool for connecting with the Divine. Song lines, according to the Australian aborigines, are paths and sounds that have been sung by their ancestors since the dawn of mankind to keep the communication with the gods open, and as a way of keeping the fabric of reality intact. The Seven Sisters songline, for example, links the night sky and the land in an epic creation tale. On the northern side of the Himalayas, for centuries Tibetans believe that sounds of creation can be physically recorded as geometrical patterns in the shapes of mandalas.

In our modern society, we are slowly starting to turn to sound for healing purposes. Ultrasound therapy, for example, is used in mainstream medicine as a noninvasive treatment in which sound waves are used to penetrate soft tissues, increasing blood flow. This can help relieve pain, improve circulation, and promote tissue healing. Within the field of integral and holistic medicine, there is a plethora of vibrational sound therapies being offered, including gong sound baths, tibetans singing bowls, shamanic drums, vocal chanting, tuning forks, solfeggio frequencies, and so much more. There is a form of sound healing to be found in every culture worldwide and throughout history.

The reason for this deep connection to sound and creation may be found in our own early development. In human beings, when the embryo is less than a millimeter in size in the mother’s womb, the inner ear is the first aspect to develop. We basically come into this life by hearing. In the liquid womb environment we are first exposed to our mother’s voice and the language spoken by our family. Our nervous system begins to build the auditory circuits at a very early stage. Sound literally feeds and shapes our neurological system. We are truly baptized in sound and vibration before being born. Hearing becomes the most fundamental and important sense to our accumulation of knowledge and our understanding of the world.

In eastern cultures, the ear is seen as the most receptive, yin feminine, organ in the body, while the eyes are considered to be more yang and masculine. In our 3D world, our modern societies put more emphasis on the visual aspects, the more masculine energy, as a way of navigating reality. We stopped listening and started reacting. But human evolution works is mysterious ways… and we are now little by little returning to our origins, to our ability to hear beyond the frantic world. We are starting to remember our original sounds.

Technically speaking, sound is vibration that creates pressure waves on the audible range. Sound and language basically express our thoughts in vibrational form. And as we learn to speak and express ourselves through life, we begin to shape our surrounding reality with our intentions. Most of the time, we engage in this process completely unaware of it. The process becomes automatic, acting as a built-in natural “manifestation plug-in”. But the spoken word has an intrinsic power to change reality. And that power comes from the coherence of what we think, say, and do. Our words and ideas, shaped by our belief systems, influence the field around us and thus the manifestation process in tangible ways. We could summarize this alchemical equation as: sound (vibration) + clear intention = creation.

Sounds, and words, are able to generate coherence within systems, they can bring order within chaos, and vice versa. When we hear certain sounds, they can resonate within us in ways that no other sensory input can. The appropriate sounds and vibrations can create a deep resonance and build communication bridges between different energy fields. They are the key to opening doors within ourselves and to other realities, or dimensions.

When it comes to the sounds of our human languages, we tend to stay within a certain standard range of frequencies and phonemes—the smallest units of speech distinguishing one word from another. Our brains are wired and attuned since birth to recognize specific language sounds. This natural process though creates a certain “limitation” within our perception of how languages should be structured and sound, even those languages that are foreign to us.

But as we mentioned earlier, there is yet another layer to the spoken language: emotions and intentions. The words we speak not only convey their linguistic information, but they also carry in them subtler waves of emotional and energetic codes. Let’s call this the “emotional linguistic layer”. When we hear words, this emotional layer is also received and processed by our subtle energetic fields and eventually decoded and sent to our nervous system. There is a constant interaction between the spoken word and the emotional fields.

When it comes to communicating by using Light Language, the heart is the first gate that we must walk through. It is this very “emotional linguistic layer” filtered through the emotional heart that takes precedence over the linguistic meaning. The languages of light bypass any human limitations around emotions and the meaning of words and phonemes. As opposed to standard world languages that are mostly made up of letters/symbols and phonemes that have been agreed upon by a society, Light Language has no clear alphabet: it is a vibrational expression that transcends the physical dimension. Light Language arises as a fundamental need to express beyond our 3D human existence and perception.

Light language, exactly like our earthly languages, can come in many different flavors. While some people communicate a light language dialect with sounds that may resemble Earth’s ancient tongues such as Aramaic or Sumerian, others may speak dialects that might sound completely without structure and with a diversified use of phonemes and pitch.

And that’s where the power of Light Language resides, in its creative and unlimited ability to transmit an emotional linguistic layer through sound vibrations directly into the energy fields of the receiver. This type of communication can reach beyond the layers of our human preconceived ideas of spoken sounds. When we calm our mind and we listen with our heart, Light Language can have a profound impact. As we open up to the frequencies embedded in a light language transmission, we allow our energy fields to resonate deeper with the new information being imparted during the communication. The emotional linguistic layer together with the spoken sounds of light language suddenly become a vibrational key that can unlock memories, reconnect us with our essence, improve energy circulation within our bodies, assist us emotionally, and many other wonderful effects.

You are welcome to visit my 3D to 5D Activations Library and listen to different light language transmissions carrying within them different emotional linguistic layers. As you will see, each Level of the Library holds a different set of frequencies and emotional layers for you to explore. As I have mentioned in a previous blog, Light language is a memory of a language your soul has spoken before. It is for this reason that many people find a certain familiarity when they hear Light Language, it has the power to awaken ancient memories that reside deep within you. And as we remember, we are transformed.

The new LEVEL IV: AWAKENING YOUR LIGHT LANGUAGE in the Library was created for those of you who are feeling guided to explore further the wonders of Light Language. The background information and the activations you will find in this Level will guide you, step by step, into the process of awakening your ability to speak Light Language. You will go on a journey of inner self-discovery and self-expression. As we have seen, speaking Light Language involves several energetic systems within our multidimensional being, but even if this sounds too complex, this skill can be naturally awakened: your soul holds all the memories you need for re-igniting this amazing potential. This Level IV will be your Masterclass to Light Language.

Like many of our ancestors did in the past, modern humans are now returning to their original sounds of creation. Human evolution is moving towards a process of reconnection, integration, and vibrational coherence. And through this process of individual and collective remembering, we are reaching a new higher frequency level of being. The power of sound and Light Language can, once again, be harnessed as a wonderful transformative tool to assist us through this process of reawakening, and as a vibrational compass in our evolutionary journey through the cosmos.

May you have a blessed cosmic journey. Much love, Diego.

WE ARE ONE ♡ Diego E. Berman 2022 Ⓒ

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