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New in The 3D to 5D Activations Library: FULL MOON and PERENNIAL ACTIVATIONS

Dear friends, this upcoming week, December 5-11 2022, will be showering us with the energies of the Full Moon in Gemini. This is the last full moon of the year. And as such, this energy will be asking us to finally let go of the burdens we might have accumulated during this year before we move on to 2023.

I have posted a new Light Language transmission in the 3D to 5D Activations Library specific to the Full Moon energies. You will find it in the SPECIAL ACTIVATIONS section in the main library page.

In astronomical terms, a full Moon occurs when the Sun is in opposition to the Moon, which means the Sun is straight across from the Moon with the Earth in between. Because the Moon reflects light from the Sun, this creates the visual effect of a full Moon from our vantage. On a more spiritual level, the Full Moon is a time to be receptive, to take the light and awareness of spirit into your emotional and physical body.

The full moon calls us to release stagnant energy—be it self-limiting behaviors or external outdated situations. The light of the moon draws out what needs addressing and urges us to take action to expel or correct what we are made to face. 

This new “FULL MOON” light language transmission will tune your emotional energy fields to the full moon energies on the days before, during, and after the full moon event. It will assist you with the processing, release, and closure of emotional issues that may require some extra help. This activation will work in tandem with the incoming full moon energies to create a more targeted emotional clearance and closure. It will also stabilize your emotional and mental bodies if you are sensitive to the full moon energies. 

snow covered mountain during sunrise

Also, I’m happy to announce a new section of the Library called “PERENNIAL ACTIVATIONS”. The word “perennial” refers to something that is enduring, perpetual, and everlasting. 

This new section of the Library features a collection of several “all purpose” activations that can be used throughout the year, including “Immune System Support”, “Nervous System Overload / Electromagnetic Protection”, “Abundance and Prosperity”, “Hope and Inner Peace”, and the “New Moon” and “Full Moon” activations, among others.

This PERENNIAL ACTIVATIONS section will be continually updated, and new activations not found in other levels of the library, will be added here.

I wish you a wonderful last Full Moon of the year, and may you find the new activations useful and enlightening for your 3D to 5D earthly journey.

Blessings! Diego.

WE ARE ONE ♡ Diego E. Berman 2022 Ⓒ

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  1. Since subscribing yesterday, I can share that this is an amazing resource. I am grateful and appreciative of all your hard work and dedication to producing such a marvelous source of information and tools. Many thanks! 💞

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